Comics & Writing

I love to write and tell stories, here’s a selection of projects.



Sun Dogs – I’m contributing story and mission text for Sun Dogs a transhuman text adventure game.


Game Jam games

Narcoleptic Weight Loss Expert – Part of a gamejam I did with some friends. I wrote most of the dialogue and item descriptions as well as contributing to the game design itself. Keep the guy on the treadmill awake by using items earned by the calories he burns ( name provided by a random game generator). Made in about 6 hours.

A Place to Call My own ( 3 hours) A really small and buggy twine with audio made for my friend’s super short game jams. The theme was “Environment” and sees the player try to get on with terraforming a planet whilst listening to phone messages from the ex.




A short five page comic set during the English civil war, a solider sets out to find the traitor he blames for his father’s death.

Wicked Rails (MangaQuake ) Read Online

Originally published in MangaQuake, a tube technicians first day on the job is interrupted by a strange creature.

Millenium Dagger Mangaquake 3 Read Online

A teenage gothic lolita has to deal with the stranded god Dagur, petrol shortages and Loki in a dress.

Other projects:

Origins– IndieManga

IndieManga’s first print  anthology,  from methere’s a prose story in here ( a last moment substitution) and a pilot of a steampunk pirate comic with art from Kate Holden.

Legends- IndieManga

Our second print anthology this time a story about a girl who drinks too much health potion and has to deal with the consequences.


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